What is Elementor Pro Builder?

Elementor Pro

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Getting a website made can be a hectic task as it involves back and forth communication with developers, web designers, and copywriters. Apart from this, SEO implementation, testing, and design changes simply add to the level of stress one has to go through while getting their website made. A simple web design change can take weeks to happen but with Elementor Pro Page Builder this is not the case.

What Is Elementor Pro 

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro Page Builder is a WordPress plugin designed to cater to all your website designing and developing needs. Not only does it allow you to create, design, and edit websites hassle-free but saves a lot of time. This saved time can then be utilised for testing and launching the website or other productive activities. As the name suggests, Elementor Page Builder is an all-in-one platform that provides you the freedom of making all structural and design changes in one place.  

While convenience is a major turn-on but there are several other reasons why you should use Elementor Page Builder. To begin with, it does not require you to have any knowledge about coding. This essentially means that anyone can work with it. Its simplistic and easy-to-learn functions are suitable for every member of your team. In addition to this, if you are not tech-savvy, you can always use predesigned elements for your pages such as buttons, progress bars, and star ratings. This is of great importance as you can simply drag these from 90+ widgets instead of writing long scripts and tedious codes.

Why It Works With WordPress

Elementor Page Builder is extremely popular with WordPress developers and it is their go-to tool for website design. It enables you to customize your website by adding, motion effects, enhanced background images, and multiple fonts. Furthermore, you can also build specific landing pages using the tool. Promotional pages, sales pages, and even complete websites can easily be made using Elementor. The only thing you need is a creative mindset and you are good to go. With a user-friendly interface, it’s your wish and Elementor’s command.

Free Vs Pro Versions

Free vs Pro

Elementor Page Builder comes in two variants, a base variant that is free for all to use and a paid version also known as Elementor Pro Page builder. The free variant includes a drag and drop editor, 30+ templates, and 40+ widgets. On the other hand, the Pro version has value-added features for advanced functionality. Some of the paid features include custom forms, unlimited themes, and custom CSS. The pricing for the pro variant is as follows:

  1. $49 per year / 1 site
  2. $99 per year / 3 sites
  3. $per year / 1000+ sites.

The pricing structure also makes it evident that Elementor Pro Page Builder can be used by individuals that are passionate about designing their website and professional web designers as well.

Where Can I Buy The Plugin?

Elementor Pro Page Builder is compatible with all the themes that are based upon WordPress coding standards. Coherently, you can also make changes in these predefined themes quickly and easily. Elementor also allows for good SEO as you are free to make edits to your website and make changes that are relevant to the traffic generated at the website. Adding on, creating a beautiful and responsive website in the first place would also help to keep the customers engaged. With the new Core Web Vitals announced by Google, it is important that your website must be visually pleasing yet is responsive enough as well. Hence, elementor pro page builder can greatly help in increasing the user experience of a website.

How To Install It?

You can begin working on Elementor Pro Page Builder by logging in to their website, https://elementor.com. After you are done with subscribing to a plan and registering your website with elementor, you are good to go. Elementor Pro page builder can also be installed as a plug-in in WordPress, as mentioned before. All you need to do is click plugins, add new, search for elementor and install. Once installed, it would walk you through a demo that will help you in understanding some of the most used features. Since most of the features are user-friendly and easy to use, you can begin working on your website right after installing it. Lastly, Elementor Pro Page builder also has a Revision History sector. It stores all the changes you have made to your website. Thus, you can revert changes and it also gives you room for experiment. Download now and enter a world of limitless possibilities!


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