Why Content is King for All Websites

Content is King

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To understand the purpose of a website, you must envision them as virtual holiday island resorts. There needs to be reasons to vacate at island resorts, and the same goes for pulling in online users to browse your website.

Content on your website is the restaurants, rides, pools, museums and spas at island resorts—the primary reasons people will be attracted to your platforms and recommend it to others. The more, the merrier!

While being great at building an audience, content is the stepping stone of making your site profitable. Whether you place ad-sense on a website or sell a product, content will build user retention as you passively make income from their viewership. Content will also develop your website’s notoriety through being recommended by users if the content is sufficient.

This is only scratching at the surface of what makes content king, now let’s deep dive into what specifically will transform a website into the number one island vacation spot of the online world.

Resourceful Community Hub

Content Writing

Websites aren’t just one solid block of information; they are building blocks. If your first block is selling a product in a specialised industry, your second should be blog content related to the industry. Where you highlight the latest news, conduct reviews or create thoughtful pieces such as case studies or industry forecasts.

Why? Well, consumers might have initially gone to purchase a product or service from your website, but after being exposed to the variety of content, consumers will start to see you as a source for everything related to the industry—transcending you into a brand of reliance & reputability.

You become the go-to website that consumers will now visit routinely to keep up with trends, making them confident you’re the place with all the right information to aid them in making the best purchases and decisions within the marketplace.

The third block is setting up lines of group communication for all consumers, such as embedding an in-house forum, Facebook page, Subreddit or Discord Group onto the website for your consumers to access and communicate amongst one another.

Your community hub will become populated by trusted & loyal consumers who know your content, brand & product as much as you do! They will offer you criticism, advice and support, creating content themselves that can receive exposure outside the community and, in return—entice more people to join.


Once a community hub and credibility are established, there will be a heightened level of power behind the messages you transmit onto your website. With great power comes greater responsibility, so in the best interests of you and your audience, you can offer exposure to charities, organisations and companies that interest you and are suitable for your userbase.

In fact, if the content is informative & compelling enough, those given exposure will notice your efforts at promoting them effectively. Therefore, private companies could sponsor content on your website and collaborate with you—earning yourself a growing audience and monetary gain.

A good example of effective influential power of a website is book reviewer websites. Their content is designated towards reviewing authors books for an audience of book lovers looking to read something new. This sets the stage for authors to pay book reviewers to review their books and post them onto the website for their existing audience to read and determine if they want to check out the author’s novels themselves.

Screenshot captured on book reviewer website – NetGalley

Also, if you notice injustice within your industry, then call it out on your website through content that’s a ‘call to arms’ for your audience to become aware and tackle the issue you brought to their attention—literally a staple of kingship.


A website is an interactive poster or billboard accessed anywhere at any time from the comforts of our homes. With all the texts, images, videos and animations you can host onto a website, you could really get creative with marketing.

Let’s say the purpose of your site was to sell a product or service; even if consumers are seeking them, they could be hesitant once reaching your page and contemplating if they should go somewhere else. So it’s an opportune moment to surround your product or service with creative marketing throughout the website—content that compares you to competitors and strikes confidence in consumers to purchase from you.

Marketing content on your website is the extra nudge to bring users on board with your plans, ideas and business; without it, you will see yourself losing out to competitors that do incorporate such content.


Content plays a vital role in getting people to visit your website in the first place. Not just through word of mouth, but content that incorporates popular or trending words will raise your website higher in search results.

The reason this occurs is that a large portion of people undoubtedly search certain words more than others. If you use those words in your article, you will become exposed to a higher percentage of online users by being in popular search results.

So content has the power to market your website thanks to the nature of the interconnected world wide web and search engines such as Google.

Kings are influential, attract attention and are sole dictators of power. The same can be said about content on a website for the level of influence and appeal it upholds without the necessary support of external factors.

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Content is King

Why Content is King for All Websites

To understand the purpose of a website, you must envision them as virtual holiday island resorts. There needs to be reasons to vacate at island